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Types of tipper trucks


Small tippers

If your business needs a small tipper, we can build tipper bodies from two-tonne up to five-tonne. We can build you a standard, general-purpose tipping body, a three-way tipping body or it can be custom-built to your specifications and ready to accommodate your specific needs. And our tipper bodies are a proven design built with steel – they’re built to last.


Medium tippers

If you need a larger three-way tipper, take advantage of our medium tippers. Built from a design proven of many years, they are strong, reliable and come with the usual craftsmanship you expect from AJ Stock.


Split tippers

If you want to carry materials – but have the flexibility of a tipper – we can do that for you with a split tipper. The ideal solution for a business with a range of transport equipment demands.


11m3 Cleanline

Our cleanlines are built for strength.

Using full side sheets of steel and press-formed rails, they are tough. Once again, our design – proven over years in the industry – will give you a product which will require little maintenance and be reliable for years to come.


11m3 Rock Body

Our extra heavy-duty construction reduces the strain on the truck body when used in tough conditions, so you know you’ve got a hard-wearing, long-lasting 11m3 rock body. Full-seam welds reduce rusting and the unique easy-opening tailgate system will save time and effort.


And once again, our design has been proven in the field. We’ve built hundreds of these bodies over the years.


Interchange systems

For a complete interchange system – talk to the experts. There’s nothing we haven’t built over the years. Our proven designs, combined with the typical craftsmanship you’ll receive from AJ Stock will expand the range of jobs your truck can take on … and build your business.


So contact the experts to talk about an interchange system.


Grain trucks

We can custom-build a grain truck for just about any farming application – rollover tarps for grain cartage with removable hungry boards and bottom sides for hay cartage applications.



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