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Types of Trailers


Dog trailers

For general transport of materials and general haulage, an AJ Stock Dog Trailer is the way to go.


A stronger than normal body – with full-seam welds – gives you an excellent long-lasting trailer with the added benefits of the design innovation AJ Stock is famous for.


Our dog trailers come in two varieties – a heavy-duty Rock body and a Cleanline. Talk to us about which is the best option for you.




Pig trailers

If you need a trailer where a tight turning circle is required, an AJ Stock Pig Trailer could be ideal for you.


The chassis is custom-built – not built using prefabricated I beams – and has a fully-engineered drawbar. It’s tough and reliable.




Plant trailers

Our plant trailers can be custom-made to suit any use you’ve got. For other clients we’ve added toolboxes, ramps, extra tie-down points... among other things. Our designs vary to suit your load requirements and axle configuration – it basically comes down to what you need to get the job done.


That’s why you need to talk to AJ Stock. You’re talking to the craftsmen who’ll build your trailer … and we’re always willing to go the extra mile.